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Program Name Objective
GiftEd Artist Development Program
Lifted Thursdays Music Mindfulness Program
Project PUSH Boxing Program

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“The program has helped me to be calm and changed my life.”
Lifted Thursdays, Participant

“Got a lot going on. I don’t talk much, I just try to deal with my situation. But in this program, I felt comfortable to share a few things, I like that we learn how to use music, cause it’s all we do really in real life, listen to music to pass time and feel better. [It] Don’t feel like a program, just a cool space we can talk, listen to music and get the help we didn’t know really existed” 

Lifted Thursdays, Participant
“I’ve never been apart of something so meaningful. This project helped me to see how far i’ve come on my journey of self care.” 
Tattoo Stories, Participant

“Amazing night. The hard work definitely showed. Great energy, vibes and important messaging.” 

Tattoo Stories, Community Member
“I was a shy guy and very introvert, but being around people that had the same experiences and goals; this program made me open up and feel comfortable.”
GiftEd, Participant