Origin Story:

Lifted by Purpose (LBP) was founded in 2012. Mainly working with Black, Indigenous and Racialized youths and families, you witness and hear stories of adversity and resilience. Many young people and families live on survival mode every day, lacking necessities, caring environments, and awareness of the support available to address their complex needs. In addition, the fear of stigma and systemic barriers to accessing healthcare, education, employment, mental health supports, etc., impacts personal growth, relationships, and community involvement.

Dissatisfied with the lack of accessible supports for Black, Indigenous and Racialized communities with lived experience in the justice system and those living in marginalized communities; living with diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health challenges, such as Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. LBP recognized the desire for youth and their families to excel and make positive and healthier choices in their lives but felt “stuck” due to lack of employment opportunities, feelings of hopelessness, and stigmatization associated with their past felonies; the communities’ reputation, and mental health challenges. In addition, many youths and families had difficulty forming and maintaining relationships due to a lack of trust, experiences with trauma, and beliefs that opposed sharing personal information.

LBP functions to increase access to trauma-informed, culturally relevant mental health and wellness education and supports. Focused on utilizing the arts, lived experiences, therapy, capacity building, and innovation to increase meaningful education and healing practices, to increase the chances of young people and communities living productive and healthy lives.


Promote and practice wellness​

Use strengths-based approach​

Respect and value diversity​, equity and inclusion

Provide access to alternative programs and services​

Open to innovative ideas​

Support and build capacity​

Explore possibilities