Youth-Led Spotlight!


Lifted By Purpose has had an extremely productive and successful year! Their founder, Arifah Yusuf was a recipient of Ontario’s Leading Women, Leading Girls, building Communities Awards. They completed their GiftEd EP (Funded by Laidlaw Foundation) and had an amazing listening party and Tattoo Stories Gala (funded by Arifah Yusuf herself). LBP also just concluded their graphic arts workshops where youth learned to create their own graphics, logos, using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Lifted By Purpose is supported through For Youth Initiative’s YOF Capacity Building Initiative where we provide 1:1 Mentoring and capacity building to youth-led initiatives across the GTA.

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Credit: For Youth Initiative 

Established in 2012, Lifted by Purpose (LBP) is a trauma-informed creative enterprise with a focus on mental health and wellness. We operate as a collaborative partner of the non for profit organization SKETCH.

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