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Get Lifted!


Lifted By Purpose (LBP)

 Provides a diverse range of services to organizations seeking trainings, workshops or programs with the intent to engage youth in conversations about mental health and learn practical strategies to cope life stressors.

Our team is trained to provide workshops of interest to youth and service providers that focus on education of mental health challenges, self-care, and coping skills, and capacity building in the arts. Workshops and training are a fee for service and require a minimum of 10 participants to be booked.

  • Creative Writing (Spoken Word, Music Writing)
  • Anger Management
  • Storytelling through Video
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Empathy Toy Workshops
  • Mental Health Education and Coping Skills
  • Youth Engagement
  • Mental Health First Aid Training

Lifted Thursdays:

"The program has helped me to be calm and changed my life." - Participant

"Got a lot going on. I don’t talk much, I just try to deal with my situation. But in this program, I felt comfortable to share a few things, I like that we learn how to use music, cause it’s all we do really in real life, listen to music to pass time and feel better. [It] Don’t feel like a program, just a cool space we can talk, listen to music and get the help we didn’t know really existed" - Participant

Tattoo Stories:

"I've never been apart of something so meaningful. This project helped me to see how far i've come on my journey of self care." - Participant

"Amazing night. The hard work definitely showed. Great energy, vibes and important messaging." - Community Member


"I was a shy guy and very introvert, but being around people that had the same experiences and goals; this program made me open up and feel comfortable." - Participant