Lifted By Purpose at Hip Hop STEMposium 2016

Lifted By Purpose at Hip Hop STEMposium 2016


Lifted By Purpose (LBP) had the pleasure of being one of the many workshop facilitators during the #FreeYourMind,  Hip Hop STEMposium 2016.

Free Your Mind: A Hip Hop Education STEMposium brings Hip Hop as critical pedagogy (HHCP) and STEM together in an exploration of innovative educational practices that seek to enhance the engagement and achievement of all students. This dialogue between HHCP and STEM also seeks to critique traditional educational methodologies that fail to connect to students and prepare them to engage with the world around them in critical and meaningful ways.

There were over 800 youth in attendance from schools across Toronto. The youth brought great energy and participated in workshops during the two day STEMposium. Keynote speakers Subliminal and Noah “40” Shebib brought attention to the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and its relevance in relation to Hip Hop.

Lifted By Purpose (LBP) provided a workshop to engage and develop an understanding of the benefits of hip hop to health and wellness.  Youth explored the connection between music and their thoughts, feelings, physical movement and ability to cope with life stressors. Students were invited to play music from their playlist and gain first hand experience of the benefits of the arts to manage moods and to increase coherency using technology provided by Lifted By Purpose.  In groups youth worked on creating their own playlist for mood management and shared it with their peers.

Learn more about Free Your Mind, Hip Hop STEMposium at or follow @hiphopstem on twitter to see highlights from the event.

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